Mapping of Terrestrial Radioactivity Levels in Surface Soil. A Case Study of Damaturu L.G.A, Yobe State, Nigeria.


  • Habu Tela Abba 0000-0003-0842-2235


Damaturu, surface soil, terrestrial radionuclides, IDW interpolation, geostatistics


Communication in Physical Sciences 2019, 4(2): 95-102

Authors: Habu Tela Abba, Miftahu Gambo Idris and Jibrin Suleiman Yaro 

Received 15 November 2019/Accepted 14 December 2019

Preliminary measurement of the natural radioactivity levels due to terrestrial radionuclides in surface soil samples within
Damaturu L.G.A in Yobe state was carried out. To estimate the radioactivity levels of unsampled locations, geostatistical analysis, using IDW interpolation method was used to plot maps for the spatial distribution of the radionuclides for the entire study area using ArcGIS software. Activity concentration of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K were determined in 55 soil samples by gamma spectroscopy. The activity concentrations were calculated to range from 7 to 227 Bq kg−1 for 226Ra, 21 to 463 Bq kg−1 for 232Th and 20 to 1035 Bq kg−1 for 40K. The mean values of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K were found to be 37.2, 45.3, and 185 Bq kg−1, respectively. The results obtained are slightly higher than the worldwide average values (except for 40K) recommended by UNSCEAR (2000). The result could be useful in evaluating gamma radiation exposure to the general public living in the area.


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Habu Tela Abba , 0000-0003-0842-2235

Department of Physics