Assessment of Effective Use of Teaching Aids by Professional Diploma in Education Chemistry Student-Teachers


  • Jeremiah Makarau Iliya Federal College of Education Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria
  • Ilbrahim Aliyu Mohammed Federal College of Education Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria
  • Aisha Yusuf Lawal Federal College of Education Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria


Assessment, Effective, Teaching Aids, Professional Diploma, Student Teacher


Communication in Physical Sciences, 2022, 8(2): 277-283

Authors: Makarau  Iliya, Ilbrahim Aliyu Mohammad, and  Aisha Yusuf Lawal

Received: 19 January 2022/Accepted 20 May 2022

This research examines the effective use of teaching aids by students studying for a professional diploma in chemistry education (PDE) at the Federal College of Education, Zaria during their teaching practice. Two research questions and a hypothesis were developed to guide the study. The research design used in sampling for the study were the descriptive survey and the Dillman methods.  The sample size consisted of one hundred and ninety-six (196) students (respondents) that were selected using simple random sampling. A five (5) item structured questionnaire developed by the researcher was used for data collection. Chi-square (χ2) test statistics were also used to test the hypotheses at a 0.05 level of significance. The finding obtained from the investigations reveals that teaching aids have significant enhancement on the quality of results obtained by PDE student-teachers because the objectives of the lessons are simplified for ease of achievement, motivation and improved class attendance. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that adequate orientation should be given to the PDE student–teachers on the ways of acquiring teaching aids to achieve greater efficiency.


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Author Biographies

Jeremiah Makarau Iliya, Federal College of Education Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria

Department of Chemistry, School of Science

Ilbrahim Aliyu Mohammed, Federal College of Education Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria

Department of Chemistry, School of Science

Aisha Yusuf Lawal, Federal College of Education Zaria, Kaduna State Nigeria

Department of Chemistry, School of Science, 


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