Structural and Optical Properties of Pva Capped Nickel Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition


  • S.C Ezugwu University of Nigeria Nsukka


Nickel oxide, thin filnts, senüconductor, optical properties



Authors: S.C Ezugwu , F.I. Ezema, R.U. Osuji, P.U. Asogwa, A.B.C. Ekwealor, B.A. Ezekoye

Nickel oxide thin filins were deposited by a sünple and inexpensive chenücal bath deposition within the pores ofpolyvinyl alcohol fronl an aqueous solution coinposed ofnickel sulphate, potassiunt chloride and anvnonia at roonz tentperature. The films were characterized by using x-ray diffraction, Rutherford backscattering and optical absorption jneasurenents. XRD reveals the development of well-crystallized fihns. The value of the optical band gap energy, Eg, calculated fronl the absorption spectra ranged between 2.8 and 3.2eV.


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Author Biography

S.C Ezugwu , University of Nigeria Nsukka

 Department of Physics and Astronomy


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