Body Mass Index and its Influence on HIV Positive Patients: A Case Study of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital


  • Umar Ahmad Isyaku Kano State Polytechnic, Nigeria
  • Nura Muhammad Kano State Polytechnic
  • Aminu Sabo Muhammad Kano State Polytechnic
  • Abdulrasheed Luqman Kano State Polytechnic


Height, Weight, Relation, Body Mass Index, BMI


Communication in Physical Sciences, 2023, 9(4): 404-411

Authors: Umar Ahmad Isyaku, Nura Muhammad, Aminu Sabo Muhammad and Abdulrasheed Luqman

Received: 18 January 2023/Accepted: 30 July 2023

A crossectional study on the influence of HIV on the body mass index of HIV patients admitted in  Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano State, with the objectives of (i) evaluating the relation between height and weight of HIV-positive patients, (ii) testing the impact of gender on the BMI of HIV-positive patients, (iii) verification of the relationship between BMI and age of HIV positive patients (iv)  verification of the statistical relationship between  BMI of males and females HIV positive patients and (v) the prediction of best-suited model for the explanation of the height value when the BMI and weight are known. The results obtained indicated that there is a statistically significant linear relation between the height and weight of HIV-positive patients. However, the Body Mass Index does not depend on gender, and there was no observable significant difference between the BMI of male and female patients. On the contrary, the dependence of BMI on the age of the HIV-positive patients was upheld. The study recommended periodic evaluation of the investigated and other factors among HIV patients.


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Author Biographies

Umar Ahmad Isyaku, Kano State Polytechnic, Nigeria

Department of Statistics

Nura Muhammad, Kano State Polytechnic

Department of Statistics

Aminu Sabo Muhammad, Kano State Polytechnic

Department of Statistics

Abdulrasheed Luqman, Kano State Polytechnic

Department of Statistics


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