Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Surface Water of the Qua Iboe River, Aka Ibom State, Nigeria


  • S. A. Odoemelam Michael Okpara University of Agricultre Umudike Abia State Nigeria


Qua Iboe River, Pollution status, heavy metal ions


Concentrations of d Pb r o Se and i ions in Qua Iboe river system were assessed by analysing water samples collected from the river at Iwuochang Mkpanak Ukpenekang Atabong Eketai and Marina stations. The reslts obtained indicate that the overall mean concentrations for Cd Pb,Cr,Co,Cu,Se and Ni ions in the samples were 44.22 ± 44.71, 24.75 ±21.15,39.78 ± 34.24. 48.64 ± 42.19, 64 ± 62.33, 1.15 ±0.40, 55.39 ±68.07μg/L respectively. These concentrations ere higher than ESEAs limits for surface waters. and comparing these vales with the H standard for potable water it as observed that the mean concentrations were higher than the acceptable limits. The coefficient of variations of the metals were also high ith high degree of fluctations in metal concentrations from station to station. Findings from this stdy show that Qua iboe river at the time of the present study was polulted especially with respect to cadmium,lead and nickel. Copper as the most abndant metal ion hile selenim had the loest score. Highest concentrations of all the heavy metal ions were observed at Atabong and the general trend was Cu>Ni>Co>Cd>Cr>Pb>Se. The conclsion deduced from the present stdy that the polltion load of the Qua iboe river system is on the increase corroborates previos reports on the river. This state of affairs portends serios threat to the health of this aatic ecosystem and hmans ithin the catchment of the river who depend on the river for seafood.


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Author Biography

S. A. Odoemelam , Michael Okpara University of Agricultre Umudike Abia State Nigeria

Department of hemistry


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